ITCs and Homeworkers – Unleash the possibilities

In today’s busy world, many travel agents are opting to work from home for many compelling reasons.

Technology plays a massive role with ITC’s and home workers.

It enables them to work from anywhere, be at home, on holiday, wherever. It gives them access tools, that would traditionally only be available to larger TMCs.


One of the challenges that ITC’s experience, is the perception that because they work from home, they are not as “professional”, or they cannot offer all the technology that the conventional Travel Management Companies can. Those days are now gone! With all the technology out there, ITC’s and home workers are becoming a growing trend in the industry.


For the past 20 years, Alchimea has developed the perfect tool for ITC’s and home workers.

Although designed as an enterprise mid-office application, it offers world-class technology for any size business or any individual, at an affordable price. We give home-based travel professionals comprehensive software solutions to run their business, streamline operational efficiency, reduce cost, and enhance revenue by increasing customer reach. Welcome the Travel Management Application (aka the TMA).


Host agencies using the TMA, benefit tremendously from the consolidated reporting and quality controls in the TMA.  By automating the administration, quality checks and invoice processing of home worker’s transactions can ensure their brand reputation is upheld to the highest levels.


What makes ITCs and homeworkers successful is the high quality of service they offer. This comes with building personal relationships with their corporates and travelers. The TMA Passenger and Company profiles enable the home-based agent to keep detailed information about their customer’s preferences and lifestyles.  Keep up to date with feedback from your corporates and travelers with the built-in survey module.


Our Booking Module allows them to deliver professional, world class branded quotes, vouchers, e-tickets, itineraries and mobile itinerary integrations.  Our business rule engine allows for custom quality control checks to ensure that your service levels remain top class without the added strain of manual checks and balances.


That is just the tip of the iceberg of what we can offer the ITC or home worker.


  • Electronic booking files with document archiving
  • Advanced quality control
  • Online booking request for corporates or travelers
  • Importing of GDS bookings into TMA for professional quotes with all fees automatically quoted, with an option to mark of your airfares.
  • Automatic invoicing to your accounting system or to the host agency’s accounting system (Currently integrated with Amadeus Agency Manager and QuickTrav)
  • Electronic travel documents, automatic travel notices via SMS
  • Track your travelers in an emergency
  • Document archiving
  • Survey tool
  • Mass email functionality to all your corporates and travelers
  • And so much more


With no infrastructure requirements, just the internet, and low license costs, you can simply log in and go. Get world class sophisticated tools without the massive costs involved. Our solutions are built upon SaaS (Software as a Service) model that saves huge costs on hardware/software expenses. So, if you are thinking of either starting up a travel business or if you already have an established business and looking for a technology partner to meet your growing business needs, try the Travel Management Application.


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