Our strategy is to provide technology solutions to businesses, and not just code.

These solutions are built scalable, future-proof and cost effective.


To constantly improve, innovate and sell automation and advanced data analytics that deliver measurable value in the area of customer service, experience and TCO optimisation, to strategic global customers.


To create a brand that revolutionises and innovates automation and procurement technology solutions for strategic worldwide customers, in the area of global mobility, travel and related support services.


  1. Innovation and a solutions driven culture is fostered at the core of our business
  2. Engineering excellence is ingrained in every aspect of the business
  3. We strive for owning and controlling the primary technology solutions that we deliver but outsource where sensible
  4. Collaboration and synergy at multi levels is at the heart of our business
  5. We only engage in projects where we can deliver significant and measurable value to the end user
  6. Meeting agreed deadlines with customers is a key factor in our success